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Installing WordPerfect 8.0 on RPM-based distros


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Installing WordPerfect 8.1 on Debian-based Distros


The directions given on this page continue to work with 32-bit distros current in 2014, such as Linux Mint 16 KDE.


Current 64-bit debian-based distros wil have usually have multiarch support by default, but there will still be difficulties in installing WordPerfect 8.1 for which solutions have not been found. In particular, the dependency of type1inst on perl creates problems. Thus it is recommended that a 32-bit distro is used.


Repositories provided by distros released in 2010 or later often lack the support files necessary to install WordPerfect 8.1.


With one exception, such files can easily be obtained, for a Debian-based distro, such as MEPIS, Ubuntu or Mint, by pointing one's package manager, such as synaptic, at a suitable Debian archive repository.


For the libxaw6 and type1install packages, the appropriate archive is:


deb etch main


For the libc5 and ldso packages, the appropriate archive is:


deb sarge main


But there is no official Debian version of xlib6g which will work satisfactorily. So an unofficial version, 5.0.1, patched by the operator of this site to eliminate the unnecessary dependency on xlibs, and to add a link to the current location of the locale directory, is posted here. This version is suitable for use with Debian Lenny and Mepis 8.5.


A newer version of xlib6g, 6.1.0, also patched by the operator of this site, so as to place mkfontdir in the location expected by type1inst and fonts-16, is available here. It is suitable for use with Debian Squeeze or Mepis 11.


The various support packages are also available at the present site:


libxaw6  and  type1install   and  ldso   and  libc5  and  xlib6g for Lenny  and  xlib6g for Squeeze.


The support packages should preferably be installed in the following order: ldso; libc5; libxaw6; xlib6g; and type1install.


Having satisfied the dependencies, it should be possible to install the fonts-xx deb (e.g. fonts-16.deb) and then the wp-full or wpx-free deb, from the file-manager (such as Konqueror, Dolphin or Nautilus).


Having installed WordPerfect 8.1, it may be necessary, in order to create the needed wp.drs file, before running WordPerfect, to run (as root) the command:




It may also be necessary to run once, as root, the command:


/usr/lib/wp8/wpbin/xwp -adm


A detailed guide to installing WordPerfect 8.1 on Ubuntu or Kubuntu 10.4 can be found at WordPerfect Universe.


Directions for installing WordPerfect 8.0 or 8.1 on Libranet 3.0 have been kindly provided by Leon Goldstein and are available here. Although Libranet is no longer available, these directions may be useful in relation to other Debian-based distros.



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