Installing WordPerfect 8.0 for Linux on a distro current in 2019


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July 2019


This page on WordPerfect 8.0 is included for completeness. It is mainly of historical interest.


Versions of WordPerfect 8.0


WordPerfect 8.0 for Linux was released by Corel in 1998. There are two versions of WordPerfect 8.0.


WordPerfect 8.0 Personal Edition (PE) was released on a CD contained in a boxed package. This is the complete version. It is installable by means of a script.


WordPerfect 8.0 Downloadable Personal Edition (DPE) is a cut-down version. It was made available in late 1998 from the Corel server, as a freely downloadable tarball. Only a few fonts are included in the DPE version, and it does not include the font-installer. After the contents of the tarball have been extracted, installation proceeds by means of a script.


The DPE version was also made available as an rpm package as part of several distros (such as Suse 6.1). In most cases, the rpm format was essentially a mere container, and installation had to be completed by means of a script. The sole exception is the rpm package, named "WordPerfect-8.0-7.i386.rpm", contained in some versions of Caldera OpenLinux, including versions 2.2 and 2.3. This is a normal rpm, from which actual code can be extracted.


It is only by the use of the Caldera package that WordPerfect 8.0 can be directly installed on a current distro. The PE version, and other variants of the DPE version, can only be installed by the use of their scripts, and these scripts are incompatible with current distros. Moreover the code cannot be extracted in other ways, since it is not packaged in a format suitable for extraction. These other versions and variants can, however, be installed on earlier distros, such as Ubuntu 8.04 and OpenSuse 11.4 , and the files so installed can be copied over to and then run on a current distro.


The method of installation of WordPerfect 8.0 DPE on a current distro from the Caldera rpm package is elaborated below. (A similar procedure can be used to install WordPerfect 7 from the rpm contained in the third CD of the Redhat 5.1 distro.)


Installation from the Caldera rpm


In general, as regards the installation of WordPerfect 8.0 from the Caldera rpm package, an extraction procedure similar to that recommended for the installation of WordPerfect 8.1 from its debian packages, specified elsewhere on this site, should be followed.


One begins by installing xlib6g-deb (on a debian-based system) or xlib6g-rpm (on an rpm-based system, using one's package manager.


As regards the libc5 libraries, on a debian-based system one uses the shlibs5 rpm package. The ldso and libc5 deb packages used for a WordPerfect 8.1 installation will not work for WordPerfect 8.0. The shlibs5 rpm package has to be converted in a root terminal by giving the command: "alien -t shlibs5-2001.7.30-209.i586.rpm""; and then installed by the command "installpkg shlibs5-2001.7.30.tgz". Then one gives the command: "ldconfig".


On an rpm-based system, one installs the usual shlibs5 rpm package, and then gives the command: "ldconfig".


There is no need to install the type1inst packages.


Then one follows one of the same extraction methods for the WordPerfect code as may be used for installing the WordPerfect 8.1 debs. The present writer recommends the following streamlined method. Whether in a debian-based or an rpm-based distro, and whether 32-bit or 64-bit, open a root terminal and give the command "alien -t WordPerfect-8.0-7.i386.rpm", and then "installpkg WordPerfect-8.0.tgz".


As an alternative, the Caldera WP 8.0 may be installed directly as an rpm in OpenSuse 15.1. After creating the necessary support environment (as described above), the WordPerfect rpm package may be installed using “zypper install.” This will probably download a large number of 32-bit packages.


Since the DPE version does not contain the WP font-installer, the procedure for installing additional fonts should be omitted.


The wrapper enabling use of the WP print manager should be installed if possible. This can be done successfully if you are using Mint 18.3 or OpenSuse 15.1. Especially in the case of an rpm-based distro such as OpenSuse 15.1, it may require use of the "" file derived from OpenSuse 13.1. The wrapper should be installed and used to add a WP printer before running WordPerfect itself and giving the requested registration code. It may be best to run WordPerfect for the first time from a root terminal as administrator, with the command "xwp -admin".


The entry in your distro menu, installed by the xlib6g package, will need to be edited (in your menu-editor) so as to refer to WordPerfect 8.0, instead of WordPerfect 8.1, and to activate the command "/opt/wp8/wpbin/xwp", instead of "usr/lib/wp8/wpbin/xwp".


Installation of the Caldera WP 8.0 RPM version alongside a pre-existing WP 8.1 installation will overwrite the xwp executable in /usr/bin. In this scenario you should rename xwp there to (for example) /usr/bin/xwp81 before installing WP 8.0.






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