Using WordPerfect on Linux


Revision 3.0

July 2020


This site provides information designed to assist an owner of a legitimate copy of a version of WordPerfect, who desires to use it on a current Linux distro, in doing so.

It is hoped that, when installed in the manner recommended, WordPerfect 8.1 for Linux will work in almost all respects in the way that it was designed to, and will provide an effective tool for writing, editing and printing.


The site was been reconstructed in July 2019, and subsequently updated, notably in June 2020, when the wrapper for the WP Print Manager was further refined. Words such as "current" should be understood accordingly.


There are five pages dealing with particular aspects:


(1) Installing WordPerfect 8.1 for Linux on a current Linux distro.


(2) A tutorial on the necessary wrapper for WP Print Manager.


(3) Some tweaks to WordPerfect 8.1 after installation.


(4) Installing WordPerfect 8.0 .


(5) Emulations : using other versions of WordPerfect on Linux, such as WordPerfect for Windows via Crossover.


As compared with the previous (pre-July 2019) version of this site, there are three important advances in information:


(1) A way has been found of reviving the WP Print Manager, so as to enable one to add and configure WP printer drivers. This element has been further refined in June 2020.


(2) A way has been found to install WordPerfect directly on 64-bit debian-based distros.


(3) A streamlined procedure has been found to install WordPefect on both debian-based or rpm-based distros. This involves extraction of the WordPerfect code by conversion of the WordPerfect debs into tgz tarballs, and then installation of the tgz tarballs with a utility derived from Slackware.


Last updated in June 2020

(c) Peter Stone, 2020